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Greg & Rachelle Colegrove

About the Colegrove's

Favorite Scripture:

    Luke 2:52, “Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man.”  


Greg’s heart for working with Rural Compassion stems from his experiences as a rural pastor for more than twenty years.  From doing income taxes to helping coach basketball and golf, Greg found ways to build natural relationships with neighbors and friends in a small community in Iowa.  And the wisdom he accrued from his life’s experiences he now gladly passes on to the next generation of rural pastors, helping them find their voice and place in the community.  

“The impact of the church is not how many people come to a building on a Sunday morning.  The impact of the church is the relationships that occur everyday—at the school, at the deli, at people’s homes.  When I served in Iowa, we had about 75 different people coming through our house on a weekly basis.  They were there for piano lessons and Bible studies and all kinds of different activities.  This is the influence of a small town pastor." 

“I warn pastors that, once they get involved in their community, it’s more rewarding than what they do in their churches.  Loving your neighbor is exactly like that." 

“I want them to know that they are not alone on this journey.  I encourage them to make friends with the other pastors in town, to dream and pray and share life together.  I love training, encouraging, helping them find their voice and their place in the community, sharing Christ’s love in tangible ways.”