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Rural Stories: #1

Hey there! Welcome to all of our readers. Rural stories a page that will feature and highlight the many ministries we partner with all over the United States of America.

Featured Ministry in this Blog: Hope for McDowell, Jolo WV

Sister Bertha is a widow raising her two granddaughters in rural Appalachia. Her home is falling apart and the weather is getting in. Jolo, WV is one of the communities that Rural Compassion has been heavily involved in over the past few years. The need there is great, but through the years people from all over the Country have come together to make a difference. We have done this before, and we will do it again. We would like to build a small three bedroom home, estimated cost of 60K at todays market. Please join us in prayer as we trust in our Lord for this new safe home for them. Learn more about Sister Bertha in the video.

CREDIT: Special thanks to Rural Compassion team members: Combs Family U.S.-Missionaries/Rural Compassion for this video, and the work they are doing on the ground in Jolo.

If you would like to be apart of this blessing project financially you can click on this link: GIVE HERE

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