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who we are

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Who We Are


Rural Compassion is a non-profit, humanitarian ministry organization, purposing to bring hope to people living in rural America.


Rural Compassion partners with churches to strengthen their small communities. We help the church became a spiritually based serving center for the benefit of the community. Rural Compassion helps pastors and churches to dream big dreams for their communities.

Foundational Principles:

  • CHURCH SERVE - moving outside the four walls of the church and following Christ’s example of serving others.                (Mark 10:45 - “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”)

  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - plugging into community events and activities.

  • STAKEHOLDER RELATIONSHIPS - getting to know community leaders, business owners, law enforcement, firefighters, school administrators, and other community influencers.

  • SCHOOL FRIENDSHIP - becoming the best friend of the local public school. 


As these principles are implemented in rural communities we see powerful things begin to happen. Needs are met, hope replaces despair and the light

of Christ shines brightly. 

Church Serve
Community Involvement
Stakeholder Relationships
School Friendship
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