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Small Towns Big Possibilities




"RC blessed our church to bless our schools last year. One of the schools we blessed contacted us and asked if we could do it again this year. The principal informed us that she had 10 children that needed to be helped with backpacks...long story short, God provided and we did...

As a result of that she also asked if we would be willing to come alongside and counsel kids who needed help...just a positive aspect in their life would be helpful...

So, thank you, Rural Compassion, your impact into our church and community is still being felt! Praise Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!"  - Chris Langston, California


"Thank you, Rural Compassion, for the wonderful gift of a portable power washer and Sustain Project training that I received yesterday. Beyond that, I brought home a truck load of gifts for my family and my church, and I was blessed in several other ways as well. What an amazing blessing!!! More importantly, what an amazing God we serve who has called you and commissioned this ministry. I am so grateful. I look forward to partnering with you in the future." - John Heth, Iowa